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where paths crossed

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Rewind to 2006.

Tina and I had both been working for the same agency without ever having met. I was working as a case manager in a foster care agency and transferred positions to work in a more clinical setting as I was nearing the end of my Masters program. Upon transferring, I met Tina who was already working at the program and instantly connected. Tina always says she thought I was from a different planet because our views on therapy and treatment were so similar yet so different from what the “status quo” was at the time. We both stayed there for a while, then left taking different paths but the friendship remained and grew as we explored different modalities, interventions, and employers while counting on each other to keep us true to our beliefs.

Fast-forward to 2011 we’re back working together at a different employer serving at-risk individuals and families with disabilities while seeing private clients on the side. We often discussed one day having a private practice as part of our retirement plan but didn’t do anything with that beyond dream of working for ourselves. Fast-forward a little more to 2016 and in an attempt to squeeze in a big chunk of CEUs into a single training, Tina signed up for The Wellness Institute’s 6-Day Hypnotherapy Training in Ft. Lauderdale. A year later (when it was offered again) I was in the same training. This changed the course of everything, personally and professionally. Within a year of that we both completed our hours to be certified as Clinical Hypnotherapists and had started the Advanced Internship in Hypnotherapy. By August 2018 our decision had been made and private practice was on the horizon.

To read more about how we started piecing our brand together, click here.

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