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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

When choosing our office space we knew that we wanted to be close to the highways. We had originally found an adorable office in Miami Shores but knew that it would limit us because the only way to get there was using Biscayne Boulevard which moves slower than molasses. We looked at just one other location before we found our current space. It is centrally located near their airport and easily accessible through the 836, I-95 and 8th Street.

The office was pretty beat up but the space just felt right. It was cozy and looked like it just needed a little TLC. Scroll down so you can capture where we started and where we are now.


soulspeak wellness florida
Our preliminary sketch of the space to help us plan how we would lay everything out.

Phase 1

Phase 2

soulspeak wellness florida
Our fancy sketch of the space. We had started picking out furniture and needed to make sure everything would fit. Especially the futon!

Phase 3

Office is Complete!

We wanted to create a clean yet warm feel in the space. It was important that we had a futon for hypnotherapy but didn't want it to look frumpy. There are little details all around from my trip to India. I especially love the fountain by the window which adds such a soothing sound during sessions. The bookselves hold This Wild Earth (our products brand) Smudge Sprays and Meditation Jars. We are currently working on additional items which will stock the shelves.

We really love our space and hope you will too.

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