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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

our name

When Tina and I decided that we were moving forward with our plans to start our practice, we began the process of developing our name. We had so many discussions where we threw a bunch of names around that were meaningful to us. We agreed early on that we wanted “wellness” in the name because it describes what we have when our mind, body, and spirit are aligned and we are living authentically. We also have a clear vision for the future of our practice and wanted the name to give us room to manifest it.

At this point in the conversations we had both experienced so much growth, both personally and professionally, stemming from leaning in to the source of the pain in order for the healing to occur. The place where where our “soul” was healing and speaking its truth. Thus, “soulspeak” was created. We didn’t realize it immediately that our name was a homograph - “SoulSpeak” where our souls speak their truth and “Soul’s Peak” the pinnacle of healing and our most authentic self.

It was perfect.


our logo

One of the suggested readings from our training was “Breaking Free from the Victim Trap: Reclaiming Your Personal Power.” The author, Diane Zimberoff, is the founder of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® and in this book, she discusses the “victim triangle.” The awareness of the triangle and the roles we play became the foundation to the healing journey for so many, including us. With our continued personal growth, we recognized that there are times, when we may be in the triangle and are unaware of it which catapults us to a realm of unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The awareness of the triangle became part of our own mindfulness practice as well as discussions with our clients and interns; bringing awareness to what role we were sitting in when heightened emotions are triggered. The consistency of this topic made clear that a triangle would be part of our logo. The triangle in front of it’s shadow gradient represents the awareness emerging from our darkest or “shadow” parts. We will discuss this further in later posts.

To be noted: The peaks of the triangles representing the soul’s peak.

Circling the triangles, are the symbols for the seven chakras ("wheel" in Sanskrit.) The chakra symbols represent the seven energy wheels within our body. Each of the symbols have one element in common - a circle. The circle is a universal representation of infinity and represents the unity with ourselves, other beings, and our connection to a higher purpose. When our chakras are in alignment, we are free live our best life.

Further, in the book "Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self" Anodea Judith discusses "the seven rights." Each of the chakras reflects a basic, unalienable right that allows each of us to thrive and recognize the divine within each of us. The loss of any of these rights blocks the corresponding chakra. The ultimate goal for healing and discovering our authentic self is to reclaim the rights that have been lost.

This is what we have built soulspeak wellness florida upon. Discovering our true, authentic selves and reclaiming what belongs to us, so we can be free to live the life we want and deserve.

To read more about our office space, click here.

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