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A goal-oriented and supportive approach to helping clients build the tools they need to move from struggle to deep self-discovery and empowerment.
soulspeak wellness florida, inc. views each person as a whole being and focuses on creating awareness of the connections between one’s mind, body, spirit, and emotions to reach the deepest level of healing. Through the therapeutic relationship using traditional talk therapy and complimentary therapies of holistic healing, the individual is encouraged to reflect on their belief systems, and the source of fixed, obstructive beliefs that are contributing to their current difficulties. This deeper understanding of the whole being often lends itself to greater self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. Our team of clinicians holds the space for physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual shifts for transformation to happen.

Guided by each individual's preferences, the individual finds their truth, sense of purpose, and desired way to authentically show up in the world.


Holistic Psychotherapy can help people struggling with:

  • Dealing with an inner critic and negative self-talk

  • Wounded inner child due to traumatic experiences

  • Difficulty making decisions and honoring commitments

  • Unresolved family of origin issues

  • Emotional/physical hurt of relationships

  • Self-deprecating core beliefs of “I am not good enough” or “Something is wrong with me”

  • Self-destructive addictions/habits (i.e. substances, relationships, work, etc.)

  • Intimacy blocks, walls, perfectionism

  • Negative judgments, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, body image, weight loss, suicidal ideation, grief and loss

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