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An integrative medical weight management program that will empower you to manage your hunger and your weight through the power of mindfulness, relaxation skills, and hypnotherapy.

Diets never work! The TRIM LIFE Program is not a diet program.


It is a six-week medical weight management program that is offered in both an individual or a shared group setting. Using psycho-education, hypnotherapy, and other mindfulness practices, the program is intended to: identify and release the emotions that promote cravings and unhealthy eating behaviors; address food addictions; identify triggers and stop mindless eating; teach healthy nutrition; and increase the metabolism. The goal of the programs is for each individual to gain the awareness and knowledge necessary to feel empowered to manage their hunger and their weight.


The TRIM LIFE Program is currently being used at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute - Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine Department. For additional information, please visit:  



* All material is included with the price of the program.

Trim Life Weight Release Progra

During weekly meetings, the following topics

are addressed:

  • How to change your habits of eating empty calories

  • Mindfulness techniques to appreciate, eat slowly, and savor your food

  • Relaxation techniques to reduce stress

  • Healthy nutrition and proper eating habits

  • Effects of hormonal imbalances

  • Causes of emotional eating

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